The History of the Monstrance of the Schoenstatt Movement of San Antonio

Monstrance verticalWe honor our past …

In the mid-seventies and 80’s a family branch group was active and had monthly meetings.  It was the second group formed in the family branch.  The first group was formed in 1969.  Four couples made their covenant of love on the day that the Shrine of Unity was dedicated, November 23, 1969, in St. Lawrence Parish.  This is the founding day of the Schoenstatt Movement of San Antonio and also the founding of the Schoenstatt Family Branch.

One of the couples in the second group was Deacon Jesse & Theresa Ochoa.  Deacon Ochoa served as the first deacon of the Schoenstatt Movement of San Antonio.  One of the other couples in the group owned a pawn shop.  A person brought in the monstrance to hock it.  He did not redeem the hock ticket.  The owner of the pawn shop brought the monstrance to the group meeting to show it to the couples.  The group decided that all the couples would contribute toward the discounted, reasonable price of the monstrance.

The monstrance was in a black case.   Inside the case, the monstrance was wrapped in newspaper – from Germany!

(Contributions by Theresa Ochoa)

Pilar & Julian Huerta


Document for Historical File:  November 23, 2023

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