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August 2017 eNewsletter

“Missionaries of Mary, Building Covenant Culture”

The summer season has brought a slower pace to our lives – more relaxed days when we have taken time off for vacation, to travel, tour places we’ve never been or to just enjoy days of rest.  The guardians of the Shrine have welcomed many visitors from other states and countries in the last two months and likely this will continue for several more weeks.  Our beautiful city is an historic, tourist destination.  Every year visitors are attracted to the many religious sites – our Cathedral which dates to the 1700’s, the Basilica of the Little Flower, the five missions and the Marian shrines. 

In all these holy places there is much life.  In Marian shrines, in particular, Blessed Mother welcomes and is attentive to the petitions of the pilgrims and intercedes for them.  Our Mother’s visitors come seeking some moments of silence, reflection and prayer which are not easy to find in the pace of life today.   We have a great gift and blessing in contributing to the life of our Cor Unum in Patre Shrine and striving to build covenant culture.  Photos of all the activities in the articles below can be viewed on our website gallery,

Blessed Mother awaits us for the August celebrations!

Pilar Huerta, Editor

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Life at the Cor Unum in Patre Shrine and Movement News

August Masses

Everyone is invited to participate:

August 6 – First Sunday Mass, 3:30 PM (Transfiguration of the Lord)

August 18 – 18th Covenant Mass and renewal of the covenant, 12:00 Noon

August 20 – Third Sunday Covenant Mass and renewal of the covenant, 3:30 PM

Day Retreats of Parish Ministries and Movements

This month we welcome the ACTS Women from St. Brigid’s Parish. They will have their day retreat on Saturday, August 19th.  The Docis Healing Ministry will have a day retreat on Saturday, August 26th.  Docis is a parish-to-parish ministry of St. Rose of Lima Parish.

Eagle Scout Service Project

The Rosary Garden has been enhanced with two long benches providing seating for eight visitors to pray and meditate at the statue of Mary.  The benches are located in a well-shaded area.  They will also provide additional seating for the adjoining area used for youth group activities.  We thank Andres Garcia for selecting Mount Schoenstatt to benefit from this service project.

Guardian Circle of the Shrine

We welcome our newest guardians, Wanda Cordaway who will serve on the third Tuesdays in the afternoon and Odilia Lara who will serve on the fourth Sundays in the afternoon.  We thank them for their “yes” to the special calling to serve Blessed Mother and the many visitors to her Shrine.  The two new guardians began their service in July.  There are more opportunities available to serve our Mother in the Guardian Circle Ministry – guardians are needed for the first, second and fourth Tuesdays in the afternoon from 1:15-5:30 PM.  Also, a guardian is needed on the third Saturdays in the afternoon.  Training is provided. 

The Shrine guardian circle apostolate is a wonderful opportunity to spend one-half day per month in the serene setting of Mount Schoenstatt greeting and welcoming the pilgrims who come to visit Blessed Mother in the Shrine.  We invite you to prayerfully consider this opportunity and if this calling is for you, contact Julian & Pilar Huerta 210-490-4367 or Melynda Ruiz 210-445-0650.  

Pilgrimage to the House of the Virgin Mary

Father Johnson Nellissery, Schoenstatt Father, is taking a group of pilgrims to Greece and Turkey, September 30-October 10, 2017.  You are invited to consider this opportunity to follow the footsteps of St. Paul. 

Saint John was asked by Jesus to care for His Mother, so St. John took her to Ephesus where he built a hut for Mary until her last days on earth. Blessed (Sister) Catherine Emmerich (1774­1824) was a mystic and visionary who described the location of the hut. In 1896 this site was declared a Shrine of the Roman Catholic Church. Here miracles have been recorded and an apparition of Mary has been documented.  Many popes, including Pope Benedict XVI, have visited and celebrated Mass at the site.  Now our own Schoenstatt Father Johnson will celebrate Mass there, as part of our pilgrimage to Greece and Turkey as we follow St. Paul’s Footsteps. There’s still time to join us!

If you are at all interested, call for more information about the pilgrimage, contact Gina Rollman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


By Edna Salas

 Dear Mother and Queen, enkindle our hearts with the sacred fire of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign that consumed the heart of Don Joao, guard that we never tire to inspire others with the same fire of your love.  Amen.

SAVE THE DATE:  October 14, 2017 Annual Rosary Campaign Workshop and Re-commissioning of Missionaries.  All missionaries and recipients of the Pilgrim MTA are invited.

The Rosary Campaign Core team will be meeting every first Friday of the month at 1:00 p.m., to begin planning for the Annual workshop & re-commissioning.  If anyone has suggestions or ideas they would like to share you are welcome to attend our meetings. 

Welcome New Missionaries:  Welcome to Esther Macantangay who was commissioned in July.  Valente Macias, Jr. and Manuela Macias were commissioned with their second Pilgrim Shrine.  They have been Missionaries for ten years. The families in their new group attended the mass and commissioning.  It was so beautiful to see how happy and excited they all were.

The Annual National Convention of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign was held in June 2017, in Waukesha, Wisconsin. There were about one hundred and fifty persons in attendance from fifteen different states. From Texas, we had twelve in attendance.  We received many inspiring talks, went on a pilgrimage to the Exile Shrine, prayed an illuminated rosary around the Father Kingdom Shrine with Eucharistic Adoration and sang many, many beautiful songs of praise.  We learned several new songs on our apostolate and a new song on John Pozzobon.  If you are interested in viewing the talks they are available at:

Join our Choir!  The SRC Core team, with the help of Rita Salazar, will be forming a choir to begin learning the new songs that were introduced to us at the National Convention.  Practices will begin at our 1st Friday meetings.  Come join the fun!

The Auxiliary Shrine wants to visit you!

Blessed Mother had many visits by the families in Del Rio, Texas.

The Auxiliary Shrine was sent out with Marta Castro from Del Rio, Texas for the month of May. She visited St. Joseph Church, Our Lady of Guadalupe and Capilla Santa Maria all in Del Rio, Texas.  The Auxiliary Shrine was also taken to Acuña, Mexico, to Cristo Rey Church and was visited by many parishioners.

The Auxiliary Shrine was returned in June and was then sent out with Sylvia Jimenez from Deer Park, Texas. Sylvia has been a missionary since 2004. She has three Pilgrim Shrines which are circulated among her CCE classes and her own family.  She held a family rosary and Blessed Mother was crowned by Shirley Jimenez with the title “Queen of Family Unity.”  Two year old Ariya Rae Rodriguez was the youngest in attendance.

If you have been a missionary for at least one year you can reserve the Auxiliary Shrine to visit your parish or your prayer group, please contact Edna Salas @ 210 254-5770. 

Family Work Jubilee Celebration held at Confidentia Shrine, Lamar

Approximately 200 persons, families from six dioceses, attended the beautiful, spiritual and fun Jubilee Celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Schoenstatt Family Work on Sunday, July 16.  The day’s program began with a welcome at the Confidentia Shrine by Fr. Gerold Langsch and Carlos Cantu, MC.  The procession to the auditorium was led by the processional cross and diocesan and federation banners.  Families of the Corpus Christi diocese presented a skit on the founding of the Family Institute/Work in 1942 during Fr. Kentenich’s imprisonment in the Dachau Concentration Camp.  The family Eucharistic Adoration followed and was very, very special with Fr. Langsch inviting the children to kneel near Jesus in the monstrance and beautiful hymns of adoration and praise were sung.  The Mass was coordinated by two couples of the family branch of the Archdiocese of San Antonio – Val & Meme Macias and Julian & Pilar Huerta.  Jubilee gifts were presented by the dioceses during the offertory.  Lunch was enjoyed by all in the dining hall and afterwards the children had lots of fun playing games in the pavilion and on the grounds.  A well-researched, informative PowerPoint presentation on the founding of the Family Work was presented by Victor & Olga Alegria (Family Institute) of the Austin Diocese.  A reception followed with delicious cake for everyone.  The celebration closed with a family blessing by Fr. Langsch at the Confidentia Shrine and visits to our MTA by the families.  Thank you to Sr. Mara, moderator of the Family Branch, and the diocesan leader couple of the diocese of Corpus Christi, Doug and Roseanne Norman (and helpers) for all the organization.  Thank you to the many families with young children representing the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, Corpus Christi and surrounding areas, the Laredo Diocese, and the six couples representing the family federation who all helped to make the day so memorable.

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August 2017 Calendar     

Mount Schoenstatt

03        Diocesan Committee Meeting, 7 PM

06        First Sunday Mass, 3:30 PM

18        18th Covenant Day Mass and renewal of the Covenant, 12 Noon

19        Day Retreat – St. Brigid, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

20        Covenant Sunday Mass and renewal of the Covenant, 3:30 PM

26        Day Retreat – Docis Healing Ministry, St. Rose of Lima, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM



Every First Sunday, 3:30 PM

Every 18th Covenant Day, 12 Noon

Every Third Sunday, 3:30 PM

On other dates as noted (Feast days, Day Retreats, Workshops, etc.)


Every 18th, 11:00 -11:45 AM

Every Third Sunday 2:30–3:15 PM

Eucharistic Adoration

Every Monday, 1:00–4:00 PM – Shrine

Every First Friday, 10:30-11:30 AM - Shrine

Every 18th, 1:00-2:00 PM – Shrine


Every Monday, 9:00 AM – Shrine

Every First Friday, 10:30 AM – Shrine

Wayside Shrine, 302 Ave Maria, San Antonio, TX

Adoration every first Tuesday, 7:00 PM

Rosary every Tuesday 7:00 PM

Confidentia Shrine, Lamar/Rockport, TX – Schoenstatt Retreat Center

04-06  Marriage Enrichment Retreat       

12        SRC State Team Workshop                      


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